Tourism sector and Programmatic Marketing

The tourism sector is very competitive and its acquisition costs are constantly increasing. 10% of digital spending is dedicated to programmatic marketing, according to a recent study realised by the KPMG tourism observatory. The opportunities related to programmatic are attractive by delivering interesting KPIs to brands. In terms of tourism digital trends, 2 topics are 

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The UK E-commerce Market Today

The proliferation of technology has led to the fact that people started to go shopping online more than attending actual stores. This made many businesses to optimise their sites to mobile versions and eventually to mobile apps. Therefore, there is no surprise that a majority of revenue for UK e-commerce businesses are now coming from a 

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influencer marketing

Influencer marketing as a getting momentum trend

Today, we have approached the era of exploding growth of population in Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and other platforms, where people do not look at each other that much how they look at the massively followed personalities. For that reason, personalities’ profiles with thousands and millions of subscribers have now become new platforms for advertising.   

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