How many brands out there have achieved real incremental lift the last time they invested a few dollars on in-app retargeting? None.

Well none with any real efficiency that’s for sure. The truth is, it’s really hard to find an effective retargeting solution for mobile apps, especially one that goes beyond fancy CTR metrics. We’ll delve further into this later.

Now, what if you were to take your smartphone in your hand right now. Swipe a few times and let’s count the number of apps sitting there, dormant. You’ll see the incredible opportunity that lies into such a marketing strategy. If correctly executed.

It’s time to challenge the way in-app retargeting is approached.  

Yesterday’s in-app retargeting was ruled by “yes or no” event-based audiences, such as: “let’s take all the users who’ve been inactive for +30 days and then, let’s just… show them an ad, again”.

This assuming that 100% of an audience that shares one characteristic will bring the same value to your brand. This is not true. Consumer behavior is not that binary and brands are losing big opportunities by solely focusing on the age old binary methodology.

Also, it’s time for the industry to stop assuming that our fight against fraudulent traffic is over after the billing of UAC campaigns. Brands’ UAC budgets relies on engagement metrics and the bad guys know that.

You basically just need a few lines of code to make a robot come back to your app and reopen it every day during one week to make it look legitimate.

The worst part is that you will include the device ID of that robot within your retargeting list and keep spending real money on it.

Event-based audiences don’t work for in-app retargeting. The truth is, the entire audience refinement methodology must be redefined.

Now, a new generation of in-app retargeting products is emerging, more efficient in their audience detection, which finally drives better engagement and more conversions.

Today’s technologies allow algorithms to surgically detect high potential profiles. They leverage data, deep dive into months of in-app consumer behavior to detect patterns and trends that will help predict the very few people that will eventually generate a real added value to your mobile app.

Which users are most likely to spend money on your app in the future? Which users are most likely to uninstall my app? Which users are most likely to continue playing to the next level if rewarded at the right moment? These are the questions that a predictive retargeting methodology and approach can help to answer.

You’ve created a fantastic product, don’t let your business down or be cannibalised by archaic and unqualified retargeting solutions. TimeOne-Mobile has designed a new generation of predictive in-app retargeting products that are more precise, intelligent and designed to help you answer the tough retargeting questions. Contact us via our website for more information.

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