TimeOne enters Digital Audio market

What is Digital Audio?

Today’s audio platforms became the inescapable part of our daily routine. A large portion of our digital consummation is audio, with a day-to-day average of 63 minutes per person in 2018 (France). During transportations, at home or with friends there are a numerous places suitable for the use of this media. For the brands, it is now compulsory to be involved in these moments. It allows them to communicate directly with its audience and to diminish the gap that separates them, by taking advantage of this intimate new environment. It is the perfect playground for advertisers who wish to affirm and reinforce their identity. In today’s world, we cumulate up to a billion of monthly auditors using these platforms and those numbers continue to grow.

In this context, the programmatic acquisition platforms are opening themselves more and more to this audio inventory. They are becoming an interesting pathway for the brands willing to take the opportunity in becoming pioneering digital communication organisations. Audios’ Medias grant the use of technologies to automatise sales and insert audio publicities’ contents in the form of radiophonic or musical Streaming. Already existing for other forms of diffusion, the audio’s format leaves us in no doubt on its actual and future potential.

Programmatic audio is also the opportunity for a brand to activate interesting targeting strategies. Let’s take the example of a fitness brand; The advertisers’ message will mainly target auditors listening to playlists such as “Sport”, “Running”, and “Fit”… The audience’s segmentation will be made based on their musical’s consumption, but also their demographics’ data such as: the place, the time period, the duration of the consumption or the type of device used. The delivered message can then be more appropriately targeted and relevant.

And the trend does not seem to be slowing down in any capacity! Audio streaming is now considered one of the most important mobile activities, where 75% of digital audio activity is consumed. The musical Streaming platform’s popularity is a sign of this evolution: Spotify, Deezer, Soundclound… With 38% of the European’s population cumulating around 11h of listening by week, the Podcast is considered as a media capable of reaching focused auditors in situations unattainable by other platforms. By combining these trends with audio’s programmatic sophisticated segmentation’s capacity, you obtain an incredible opportunity of audio advertising that cannot be ignored.

A turnkey solution to accompany you with Digital Audio

What is our approach in this context?

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