Burst campaign – the secrets to get more organic installs

What is a burst campaign ?  It’s a type of advertising campaign, where the purpose is to drive a mobile application at the top of the app store or at certain positions (top 50, top 10, top 5). Google and Apple have their own way to rank an application on their stores.

How can I increase the ranking of my application on the App store ?

In a nutshell, it is a mix of the following factors, even though we don’t weigh their relative weight.
  • Number of installs – if you want to be in the top 10/category travel/UK on IOS, you need to generate more installs per day than the current Travel app at the 10th position in this category
  • Reviews – Better rating will obviously help you to achieve a better ranking
  • Opens – The number of times your application is opened
  • Title of the application – This is part of ASO (App Store Optimisation)

However, we do know that the number of installs is the key element.

There are many ways to generate installs for your application including;
  • Incent traffic – There is an ongoing debate about Incent traffic especially because the user retention is not that great. Obviously, if you buy Incent traffic, your KPIs shouldn’t be User Retention, but volume at a lower price. At Khing we track post install Events, so we can always optimise and drive traffic from specific sources.
  • App Recommendation campaigns – There are applications that recommend other applications, that will promote your application to their users.
  • Non Incent traffic –  Non Incentivised traffic brings User Retention but at a higher cost. It will bring one of the main ranking factors – Opens. However, generating 100 installs on a Non Incent campaign obviously does not have the same cost. Use this channel after you have reached the desired position to sustain it.

How to make a successful Burst campaign

There is no magic recipe and a burst will not always accomplish its desired effect. That’s why we put together these infographics, where we answer questions such as:
  • Is it better to aim a global top 50 ranking, when for the a similar price your application could be in the Top 10 of your category ?
  • Is it relevant to aim for a top 10 if your app has bad reviews ?
Tips are below!

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