Advertiser and monetise better with online API

API (Application Programming Interface) nowadays is the big thing as it allows a quick and smooth connection between system hence reducing manual workload. At TimeOne Mobile we decided months ago to work with API to facilitate Mobile User Acquisition for our Advertisers and monetisation for our Mobile Publishers

We offer a wide range of API:

  • Reporting API to connect and fetch your campaigns stats
  • Advertiser Online API to receive campaigns assets and facilitate campaign setup
  • Publisher Online API to connect with our publishers and allow real time campaign setup

Since we first started using API integration, we have seen a huge improvement in delivery time, offer management, and ultimately revenue. For our Advertisers, we can see traffic and installs as early as 30 minutes after an offer is setup. For our Mobile publishers, applications or mobile website, they can start generating revenue easily without hassle as everything is handled via the API (cap change, payout change, creative changes, …).

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