Facebook released new tools for advertisers.

Taking into account the importance of Christmas shopping, Facebook has introduced two new tools, that will help advertisers to adjust their creative ideas in ads to maximize both advertisers’ revenues and customer of the online shopping experience.

Facebook ensured the features will become useful in optimization of marketing campaigns and their costs. To be more detailed, the tools will pick the most successful creative for adjust diverse variants of the ad to each placement.

The first tool released was Dynamic creative. It will allow to instantly create a variety of ads with different patterns of images, videos and texts. The tool will define the best performing pattern of the ad for each option of the placement, including Facebook News Feed, Audience Network and Instagram. It will also provide with hints of how to reach the most effective performance and best results of the campaign.

”Dynamic creative accepts up to 10 images/videos, and 5 of each text asset (body text, title, description, CTA)”

Results showed that advertisers, who run the campaigns with the the dynamic creative reached better CR in mobile application installs.

Second one was asset customization, which will help to customize the ad post to diverse ad placements.

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According to Facebook, ”asset customization will help maximize return on ad spend by delivering your most impactful ad in each environment”